Taping Off Squares and Other Shapes

Today I spent a lot of studio time taping off squares and other shapes to make sharp edges. The edges are turning out well, thanks to a comment from JW Harrington that led me to try it with heavy body acrylic paint rather than the fluid acrylics I have been using. Thank you JW!

Spring Joy – Navy -in process 40″ x 16″

The first layer I painted rough shapes in navy, a variety of tints of navy (navy mixed with various amounts of white) and these tints mixed with other colors. In the second layer, I began to group some of the shapes together by painting over them with transparent and translucent paint. In the third layer, I painted hard edged shapes as mentioned above. These shapes will function like little frames in which I will paint abstract flowers. These shapes are in a variety of colors, most of which are unsaturated (think of them as mixed with gray). My purpose in using unsaturated colors for the little “frames” is to make a more gradual transition from the very dark navy to what I intend to be very bright and happy flowers.

At some point when the new direction of my work is clear, I will have to give it a new series name. The Spring Joy series was inspired by work of the contemporary Philadelphia artist Bill Scott. Now I am trying to take the idea further. I’m excited; I don’t know where it will go. Here is where I am/it is right now.