“Pour and Push” Solo Art Show

 “Guzmania Conifera” by Mary Ellen Mogee

I am having a solo art show “Pour and Push,” August 29 – October 1, at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston, VA, and am delighted to invite you.  The title could just as well have been “Florals, New and Old.” The exhibit includes my most recent works, abstract flowers, on which I have been focusing for the last few years, as well as older paintings that also feature floral images. Looking back, it is interesting to me that my earlier work presaged my current work, albeit unintentionally.

The title refers to pouring paint and pushing it, as well as  my push to make art that speaks to me, and brings joy to viewers. I both poured paint and pushed it around with a brush in making the paintings in the show.

The church is located at 1625 Wiehle Avenue, in Reston, Virginia.  A closing reception will be held on Sunday, October 1, noon to 2:30 pm. I hope you can attend!

If you visit at another time, please be aware that open hours may vary; please call 703-956-9155 before you visit to make sure somebody is in the office to let you in.